So Here’s to New Beginnings

Sometimes I wonder why I am here.

I know God has a specific plan for me.

I am not expecting Him to just come out and tell me what that plan is, but it is just frustrating sometimes.

God made me the way I am.

Indecisive. Scatter-brained. but Free.

I have no idea where this crazy life is going to take me.

I’m not meant to just stay in one place.

I know this. But why is there a piece of me that just wants a place to call home.

I guess that’s me searching for satisfaction here on Earth again.

I know my home is Heaven with my Lord and Savior.

This is just my dwelling place until He calls me home to Him.

Why is it so easy to get distracted in all the hustle and bustle of the world?

ah, I’ve asked myself these questions so many times.

I answer them, I feel satisfied, and then few months later find myself contemplating the same things.

It’s here though. Tomorrow is a new day. The new year is even coming up. I’m ready to make the most of this year.

Here is how I am going to do it:

FOCUS: Loving God and loving His people.

everything else… will fall into place.


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