But You Will Be Safe In My Arms

My heart is torn. I know our whole nation has heard of the shootings in Connecticut. I was travelling with my Fiancé when I read about it. I started to cry. Thinking about those poor babies.

They will never have the chance to grow up. They will never get to experience high school with their friends. They will never get their first kiss. They will never get their first job. Never learn to drive. Never get married or have kids of their own.

It breaks my heart to think of how they felt in their last seconds on this Earth.

How could a person harm a child like that? How could he harm that many children and not feel anything toward it?

I’m scared to have  children of my own when I hear stories like this.

It also breaks my heart when people ask questions like “How could God allow this to happen?” “What kind of mean God would let these children die?” “Why didn’t God stop that guy from killing those children?”

This breaks my heart, but I used to ask the same questions. I’ve thought the same things.

The truth is… Freedom.

We are not puppets on a string. God has granted us our own free will. I am so thankful for that. Yes, God knows exactly what we are going to do before we even think about doing it, but he doesn’t intercede because He promised us that. Because of our own free will, people sometimes choose evil over good. God is a just God. If he wasn’t, we wouldn’t be here. We have all sinned. We have all made bad choices, but because of our Freedom, God didn’t intercede before we made those bad choices.

Now I know the thought of a man shooting all these precious children is heart wrenching. It was wrong of him to do so. All I’m saying is… Don’t take this out on God. It’s our own nasty, human nature that did this. As humans, our hearts are evil. So instead of letting tragedies like this separate you from God. Let it bring you closer to Him. Look to Him for peace in tough times like this. Look to Him to help rid your heart of evil. Because there is not a person on this Earth that doesn’t have evil in their heart. God gave us freedom so we could choose on our own to love Him. That was his purpose for it. It would be nothing if we made us all love and follow Him and well, He could do it with the snap of His fingers. But God wants us to choose to love Him.

His love will help us through the tragedies of this world. There is so much evil because the people of this world are drifting further from His love. They are choosing evil over good. God’s not making them do this. This is not God’s fault. Quit blaming him and start seeking Him. Those precious babies had their lives on this Earth cut short, but at least they are now safe in God’s arms, away from the evil of this world. Yes, there is a time to mourn, but let this bring us together. To truly be a nation under God. The more people that are growing closer to Him means there will be less people with pure evil hearts.

Jesus is calling us Home.


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