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A Borrowed Idea

I read a post today. It was by the mitz and well, she gave me the idea to make a list.

If you know me… I LOVE making lists. I can’t believe that I have never thought of making a list like this.

There are things that can get you down. When these things come and break you down, it’s often hard to get up from that broken feeling. This is where the list comes in handy. The point of this list is to write down the things you love to do and then when you are feeling down… do something or multiple somethings on your lift to help lift you up. If the first one you come to is too hard, go to the next one. It’s okay to skip around… but you have to pick at least one! Simple? yes! Amazing idea? double yes!

She also mentioned… Don’t let anyone make your list… this is what makes YOU happy.

So here’s my list.

1. Make a latte

2. write a blog

3. paint something

4. make something from Pinterest

5. call a friend and rant to them

6. go for a walk

7. go for a drive

8. pray

9. take a bath

10. write in my journal

11. remind myself that everything is going to be okay

12. drink five cups of coffee

13. put some headphones in and blast the music

14. Make some cookie dough and instead of baking cookies… just eat the dough

15. stay in bed all day and watch One Tree Hill

16. Don’t get up and don’t get dressed

17. decide to pack and leave everything. just go

18. Read a book

19. paint my nails

20. Go to the pet store and play with a puppy

This is just 20 items on my list. Go ahead. Go make your list.


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