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The title says enough. That’s exactly what I’m doing.

Right now I should be studying for my pottery quiz tomorrow. (yes, I have to memorize like 80 terms for pottery). I really don’t want to. So here’s a procrastination blog.

My college decided to blog Google chrome last semester which really upset me because I became very fond of Google chrome. So I began using internet explorer because it was the only other thing I have on my laptop. Might I add how much I hate internet explorer? Anyway, I just now (finally) downloaded Firefox which I am so glad I did because my explorer decided it didn’t want to let me on a few websites (wordpress being one of them) which made it really hard to keep up with reading and writing blogs. I really missed it, because I really enjoy the time of day when I can relax, kick back and read what everyone else is blogging about.

Spring Break is a week away!!! I’m not one of those wild college kids who go to Panama to get wasted and party all week (though, I would love to go to the beach!) Instead, my spring break will be spent visiting family that I haven’t seen in a while with my fiancé. I’m pretty stoked about that though, I miss my family when I’m away at college.I also have a lot of wedding plans to go over with them!

Wedding planning has been pretty stressful lately. It’s hard to plan a wedding on a very small budget (but what can I do? I’m a college senior). I’m pretty excited about it though. I’m just ready for June 1st to be here already and for everything to be paid for.

Well, it’s getting late and I still have a lot of terms to learn. I’ll leave you guys with one.

Sgraffito: Decoration achieved by scratching through a color slip to show the contrasting body color beneath.

Fun huh?

Thanks for reading!

God Bless,



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