My Life is a Ministry


Well said Lewis, well said.

As a Christian, It can be hard to grasp this sometimes. I get so busy with the hustle and bustle of my day and get so wrapped up in my “to-do” list, that I forget to take a second to breath and thank God for waking me up that morning.

I used to suffer with the thoughts that God was out to steal my fun away and make my life a boring, “always gotta walk the line” kind of life. I had to learn the hard way that He is only protecting me from getting hurt and traveling down the wrong path.

I’ve turned my back on Him so many times in the past, but still he remains ever so faithful to me. I definitely don’t deserve His love, but still he loves me. In realizing this, I only want to live a life that glorifies Him. Yes, I fail. yes, I stumble, but that’s only because I am human. I must repent everyday because although Jesus has paid my debt, I am still a sinner and I sin everyday.

I’ve been a Christian for a few years now and I don’t think I’ll ever truly grasp how wonderful it is that I was chained and destined to die, but Jesus bore my sins and saved my life. In knowing that I am made for more than just this world is so comforting. Knowing that God will call me home someday and I will live forever with Him in Heaven. wow! He chose me. Little accident prone, always failing, can’t seen to get it all together me. The amount in which He loves me is just mind boggling.

So yes, it’s not just something God is after. He doesn’t want part of us, He wants all of us. He’s not out to ruin our lives, He only wants us to live a happy, joyful, life. He is holy and I want to spend the rest of my time here proclaiming His beautiful glory.

I don’t fear my future, because I know His plans are greater than my own. I have to remind myself daily of this and meditate on His word, but I have to say… life has been so much more joyful since I accepted Jesus as my savior. My life is my Ministry. Jesus is King.


One thought on “My Life is a Ministry

  1. We are so blessed He is faithful even when we are not. God wants all of us. When we really understand that all we have and all we are is by His grace, we desire to live our lives for Him. Blessings!

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