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I filled out two applications for coffee shops in Louisville today. I feel better about just up and moving to Louisville now. Sounds silly… all I did was fill out an application. It doesn’t give me assurance that I’ll be moving with a job set. Simeon filled out an application to work in a state park as well! Still nothing set in stone, but it’s progress.

I find it funny that I’m about to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in sociology and I want to work in a coffee shop. The way I see it though, it’s kind of my own research study. An observation study. Plus I really love making coffee and sharing it with other coffee lovers. I’m not one of those “hipsters” who have been cool for years because they hang out in coffee shops, but the enjoyment of serving people the very item that helps me wake up every morning just sounds so appealing! Call me crazy, but it just sounds perfect. Coffee, blogging, and art just go so well with each other and I love all three.

Also, the ministry side of working in a place like that is amazing. Serving God while I serve His people. wow! I really hope I get the job. Any job really, it doesn’t have to be in a coffee shop. I will seriously be fine with anything. I’ve spent the last four years jobless except for my work study at school. I mean technically that’s a job, but it doesn’t feel like it. Probably because I don’t get paid directly, it just goes straight to my tuition. I am blessed because I’m going to graduate with a bachelor’s and only owe about 7k. Hopefully, if I go to graduate school, I’ll get an assistantship and not have to pay a dime for my master’s. I hope and pray, but that takes me back to an earlier blog when I talked about faith and God’s plans being much greater than my own. It’s great that I am planning, but I have to make sure that I’m flexible and open to change anytime. I think I got this. It’s a crazy little life, but I’m blessed and each day shows progress. That’s all that matters.


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