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Spring break is here and well, while all my friends are in Panama… I’m here in Kentucky. Spring break is supposed to begin warm days with spring showers. I woke up this morning to see about 4 inches of snow outside. Some spring break huh?

I don’t sound content.. I sound kind of bitter don’t I? Ah, it’s okay though. I am content. My fiancé and I have decided to spend spring break visiting my family. While I’m away at college I don’t make enough time to go home because I stay pretty busy and gas prices are ridiculous. So far we’ve stayed four nights at my grandparents and went out to eat with my dad and step mom. It’s been great and relaxing. (And I’ve watched a tone of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix!) I like having this time to chill…. and sleep!

Today we are leaving for Ohio to spend about 4 days with my mom! She’s so funny, sometimes I swear we are the same age. Mom’s been going to church every Sunday (finally!) It was just a year ago she told me she was going to hell because she’s sinned so much in her life that God could never forgive her for. Ah, but that’s where Jesus comes into play. “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans). It feels great to just sit around with mom and talk about Jesus. She’s still young in her faith… I don’t even know if she’s saved, but it’s amazing that I get a chance to share the Gospel with my mom. My family have always been the kind that believe in God, but never a follower of Christ. They thought (think) that’s enough, but in realities the Bible plainly says that demons believe in God too, but they shutter. It’s not enough to just believe and to be “good people”. Faith without works is dead.

This part can be confusing because we are not saved by the work of our hands, but by the forgiveness that Jesus has allowed us to have by dying on the cross 2000 years ago and paying our debt. In knowing this, we are changed. We now devote our lives to following the law, and living our lives like Jesus did. To glorify God is everything we say and do. Wow! I cry everytime I read the Gospel. The fact that we are sinners and don’t deserve anything but death and still God loves us. I love it.

I have been truly blessed that God chose me even from the beginning of time. I have been blessed with an amazing family and I thank God for them everyday. I know I’m a sinner and will sin everyday, but I thank God for the forgiveness I have through Christ. It’s amazing. To have something to live for. I am only a sojourner here on this earth. This is not my home and I am just dwelling here until the Lord calls me home. I am so thankful that I have Jesus beside me to get me through the harsh times while I’m here. Even the good times! So spring break will be spent inside, with a nice cup of hot chocolate, and loads of Jesus time and family time. We are not promised tomorrow, so live everyday like it’s your last. Don’t keep putting off your Christian walk until you are old, it defeats the purpose and you will live a happier life when you realize the reason we are here. I know I have. I have been much happier in my life now that I know the true meaning of life. I am so thankful I have been given this much time.


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