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Ready for Warmth

ImageYesterday’s weather yesterday was gorgeous. The sun was shining, it was warm enough to wear shorts, it was a truly beautiful day. I’m so ready for more weather like that. I’m ready for spring and summer, ready to wear sundresses and flip flops. If you know me, then you know how much I do not like the cold. I don’t deal well with cold weather. I like summertime and bonfires.

Sad part is… it’s raining right now which means it’s going to get cold again. It’s supposed to snow by the end of the week. This upsets me, it’s like yesterday was a teaser. It’ll be here soon though, I do know that.

We just got back from spring break. It was nice to have a week off from school, but it made going back to work-study that much harder. Tomorrow I have two classes as well. I guess I really have nothing to complain about because my schedule this semester is pretty easy. My senior seminar paper is getting close to done and life is pretty swell.

I always feel better during this time of year because of warm weather… I guess that’s this is the point of this blog. I know you readers are from all over the world. What’s your weather like right now?


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