Grey’s Anatomy (Spoiler Alert)


So I’ve been catching up on Grey’s Anatomy for the past like 5 months. I’ve watched 9 seasons in what seems like no time and I’m finally caught up. I just finished the SeasonFinale of Season Nine and now I’m at a loss. I now have to wait until September just like everyone else for season ten.

So I just want to share my feelings on the recent events in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Richard: I don’t believe he’s dead. It’s just a cliff hanger, there’s no way Shonda Rhimes is that dull to kill off Richard. Bailey’s been through too much to put her through this too. Yes, the ground is wet and he obviously got electrocuted, but Dr. Weber is not dead.

Callie and Arizona: The look on Callie’s face broke my heart. How could Arizona do that to her?? As for Lauren, I’m trying not to like her, but it’s hard because she’s Hilarie Burton and I’m a huge One Tree Hill fan. But poor Callie! All she’s been doing is loving Arizona and doing what’s best for her. Arizona needs to get over herself. Yes, she lost a leg, but C’MON! I think Callie deserves better. Gah! I miss Mark Sloan!

Baby Bailey: I am super stoked that Meredeth and Derek named their baby boy Bailey!! There couldn’t be a better name! I’m excited to see what happens with this adorable family!

Avery: MY OH MY! How he saved that little girl! Just when I didn’t think he could get any hotter, he does something heroic like that!! I just wish he didn’t stare at Kepner like she shot him when she told him she loved him. I love the thought of these two together! I hope it happens in season 10!!

Christina and Owen: I’ve been rooting for these two since day one, I just wish Christina would give in and want a baby!! The whole Ethan thing shows that if the couple were to get back together, eventually they’ll be in the same boat of Owen wanting a family and Christina not. Will this couple work? I hope so! but I also doubt it. For some reason I keep expecting Burke to come back around. He left so quick. I feel like he HAS to come back around. It’ll probably be when Christina and Owen are doing good too. Just to shake things up. Shonda like to do that.CAMILLA LUDDINGTON, JUSTIN CHAMBERS

and last but not least… Jolex! wow, we’ve all been wanting this to happen. Alex deserves it! I’ve loved Alex from the beginning. Douche bag, messed up past, broken Alex. I just want him to finally be happy. What I thought he had with stupid Izzy! I so hope him and Jo works out!! I just adore them together.

Needless to say, I am beyond excited for season ten! It was an amazing finale!

Now, let’s hope us fans can wait until September.


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