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I’m Finally a Mrs!

I’m a newlywed! It’s hard to believe that I’m actually married!
The honeymoon was great. We drove to Miami beach… which took 14 hours. That got old fast. I love road trips, but Miami drivers are crazy! The only thing was the weather wasn’t the greatest all week. The first part of the week was fine, just overcast. The storm was brewing and finally hit us on our last night. So when we woke up to start packing and check out, the sun was out and it was the best day yet. That was the only real bummer, but we ate at some awesome local places down there! We had Indian curry, Italian food, and even sushi! (and might I add, I LOVE SUSHI!)

Anyway, so now we’re home and life’s been good. Not much to do except write thank you cards (which I need to get back to that). We’re both still looking for jobs in either Louisville or Lexington. Things will seem less rocky when one of us nail a job. I’m so excited to finally be married to Simeon though, and I am eager to see where we go next.

More from the upcoming weeks coming soon. I’ll try to post regularly!




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