I Need Shopping Money!

Being in a new town, knowing very little people, it’s hard to find a good job. That’s an obvious fact. Like, I just graduated from college with a Sociology degree. What are my skills? uh, I’m really good at writing research papers… yeah, that’s going to get me a job here in this tiny town.

I know volunteering at the Gallery will help me meet people. It’s just getting to that point where I know the right people to help me find a job that I will love. Looking on the internet for job postings around here is pointless, no one is posting anything. I’ve went in for physical applications to places, but most of them were like “well, we’re not hiring right now, but if you put in an application we can keep you on file.” BLEH! Why not just tell me no and let me move on?! eeesh!

I mean geeze, I’m only 22. I’m young, I have plenty of time to figure out what I’m doing. I can go get another degree and have it by the time I’m 26! (I’m actually thinking of doing this: nursing degree.) But it’d be nice to have something right now. Anything, so I can get a new phone, have some shopping money, etc etc.

As you can see this post really doesn’t have a point, just me ranting about job hunting. Glad you’ve stuck around to read the whole thing though.

Yeah, so tomorrow is Monday! The Husband has work. The Gallery is closed on Mondays, so I guess my Monday will consist of cleaning the house, watching Private Practice on Netflix and maybe going for a jog. Life is great… boring, but great.


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