That’s Just a Number on the Scale.


I have motivation issues. When exercising, I do so good for a few days, sometimes for a few weeks, but then it always slips and I don’t for a few days… or a few weeks. I don’t like to get on the scale because well, It’s discouraging. I see that number and see failure. No one believes me when I tell them my weight because I guess it’s the muscles in my legs that adds so much on, but I do know I’m overweight. I can feel it, I can see unwanted fat on my body. This should be my motivation, and it is for some time, but then I always just quit after awhile. I like to run (jog, actually), a slow run I like to call it, that’s why my leg muscles are the way they are. My problem is I don’t push myself enough. 

God tells us to take care of our bodies. I don’t feel like I’m taking very good care of my body. I eat lots of fatty and sugary foods and I feel so lazy and tired. I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables (which is sad, because I love fruits and veggies!)

Since we moved to Franklin, I’ve been going for jogs most mornings around the neighborhood. The problem is, I’ll say when I start that I’m going to make 3 laps then I get to two and say “well, that’s good enough”. I need to stick with what I originally say.

I also have a fitness/motivation board on Pinterest (which I don’t visit as often as I should). The last two mornings I have. Done some lunges and crunches and what-nots. I feel good (very sore, but good). I need to stay motivated in doing these though. I always give up.

Anyone have any motivation tips? What works for you?

My goal is not a target weight goal. My goal is to tone up. Maybe have some visible abs. I want to feel healthy. I don’t drink soda, I gave that up when I started college. If I do drink it, it’s on a rare occasion. I do on the other hand drink a lot of coffee, which is better than soda, but I don’t drink enough water through out the day.

So this is my motivation post. I know its a struggle for many people. If you’re reading this and struggle with the same thing, know that you’re not alone. So I think I’ll post motivation quotes on all mirrors in my house and in the kitchen too. I’m going to try and stay with daily exercise, even if it’s a little.

Goal: toned and healthy.

Let’s do this!





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