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I’m terrible at this whole blog thing.

So I’ve gotten a job since my last post. I’m pretty sure my last post was about my interview for AT&T. Well, I got that job and actually just hit my 90 days. Do yeah, I’ve really not been here in awhile.
I don’t really use my laptop much now so I guess I haven’t even thought about blogging. Now I have the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which is basically a tablet and thought ” oh yeah! There’s a wordpress app!” So here’s just a quick blog from my phone and hopefully ( I know I say this a lot but…) I’ll start blogging more!

Life lately though, has been really good. I don’t have much time do do anything because I’m always at work but I am pretty excited for Christmas coming up! We’re heading to see my in laws this weekend and my family next. I love getting to spend time with our families family!

I am pretty bummed I work Christmas eve and the day after Christmas but it’s okay. I do have Christmas off! Which will be spent at home with my wonderful husband and lovely little dog. I can’t wait to give them the presents I got them!!

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and New Year!!


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