Smartphone World

It seriously blows my mind how many people have smartphones just because they are told they need one. The sad part is, most of them don’t even know what they have and are not even using their phones to their full potential. 

The amount of people who have iphones and don’t even know what icloud is drives me crazy. I hate Apple anyway. They make you pay for so many things that Samsung gives you for free. Some argue that Samsung gives you viruses but if you take care of your device and are not careless with what you do, I don’t see how you can get viruses and what not. I’ve have Samsung for awhile and I’ve never had any problems. The amount if iPhone issues we have come in the store is ridiculous.

I do t know. I guess I just get frustrated because 60 percent of the iPhone users I’ve come in contact with have no idea what they have. They only have it because of the logo that’s on it. Apple.

Working in retail has really opened my mind to how brainless people can be. Technology has brainwashed us and it is getting so bad. I fall victim to this too. I have the latest and greatest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy gear watch to go with it. I guess I’m complaining about something that my job is fueling the fire. I make money selling people the latest and greatest technology.

Bills have to be paid though. Cellphone industries are the places that are not going down anytime soon. Take a look around. Nearly everyone is on their cellphone. Hell, I’m writing this blog on my cell phone right now.

The only thing I ask. Research what you are buying before you buy it. Don’t buy something just because of the name or because “everyone has it.” Think for yourself. That’s my biggest plea. we don’t need a nation full of robots who all think the same way. Branch out. If you want an iPhone want it because you want it not because someone is telling you that you want it.


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