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The Perks of Being a Young Married Couple.


I’ve been told I’ve made the wrong decision. To get married at 21. Too young they said, not experienced life yet.

But that’s the thing. Why not experience life with someone you love? Yeah, it’s tough at times, but any relationship is. Not only do I get to grow up and find myself, but I get to do it alongside someone who loves me, my best friend. He gets to see me develop into a who God intends for me to be and I get to see him! How great is that? Are we going to run into obstacles? Yes. Will there be times we question our decisions? Yes, but I can assure you I will never regret getting married.

I look forward to the day when we can sit out on our front porch and relive the stories and adventures we made together.

We’re not parents yet, but I look forward to being a young mother as well. Are we going to fail our children? At times, maybe, but what parent doesn’t? It’s not because we married young, it’s because we’re human. All I know is we will try and make sure our children grow up with good morals and know how to take care of themselves. Well grounded, but free thinkers. The world needs more of them.

There’s not much they could get away with because their mom and dad had probably already tried to themselves at their age.

I’m pretty excited about it though. I’m most excited for the adventure there though. To not wish my time away and enjoy every moment. It’s easy to do. Saying things like, I will enjoy life more when I have more money, a better job, live in a house I own, drive a better car, etc…

Live life to the fullest NOW! You might not get THEN.


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