Coffee, Knitting, and a Sprinkle of Inspiration.



   Every Tuesday, (except on the rare occasion that I actually have to work) I go to the Gallery. A few ladies from the Presbyterian Church meet there in Tuesday mornings to knit together. I look forward to this time because I feel like I’m actually kind of social. The last four years I’ve been a college student; a social butterfly! Now I’m caught up in the work life that I don’t have time to be social.
   To be literally twenty minutes from a college town, it’s crazy that I don’t have more friends my age. Maybe once it gets warmer and more people come out of their winter hibernation I will meet more people.
   On occasion there might be a community event or a bonfire happening one evening that I can make it to. Those are nice, my personally requires a social kick every once in awhile so I don’t go absolutely crazy. 
   Anyway, back to the knitting. I was the only one who made it in today for the knitters group. Luckily, some of the gallery workers were here to keep me company. I ended up only knitting a few rows before I picked up a Nashville Arts magazine and finished my third cup of coffee. Typically I start out knitting on Tuesdays then move on to writing an artist spotlight for the Gallery’s Facebook page.
   It’s wild how just certain environments just inspire you to be a little artistic. Every time I leave the Gallery I always want to paint something. Of course, I’m an amateur artist for sure. Maybe if I painted more often I’d actually get good enough to display my stuff.
   It only takes a sprinkle of inspiration to start something beautiful.

Paintings in the photo above painted by Debbie Reid.


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