Tiny Rant

I need to get away. An adventure of some sort. Working retail really takes it out of you! Yesterday was a disaster. 
As some of you may know I work for a privately owned company that sells AT&T. Technology is always changing bit one thing that remains the same is the crazy people who come in to buy them.
Needless to say, I had to deal with one yesterday. Ironic thing about it is she lives in my neighborhood. I really hope she doesn’t find this out. I’d rather not come home to a house up in flames.
I’m not going to go all out and explain the whole story, that would take forever but let’s just say she threw a huge temper tantrum and stormed out telling me to reverse everything. Well, that couldn’t happen because it was already done and I would have to have her in the store to reverse it. Well, she calls into customer care bad mouthing me (and I mean BAD MOUTHING) saying all kinds of junk I didn’t do. So I get a call from that rep and explained the whole situation to him. Hopefully he got it fixed because after secretly being on three way with her and the rep, listening to everything, I DO NOT want to see this chick again.
End of blogging rant before I become very unprofessional. 
So here’s to today being so much better. I could hope at least.


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