Oh, How You’ve Changed.

Dear Freshman Self,

     I know you don’t want to be here. You hated school pretty much all your life except for the social aspect of it. What if i told you that you will find a major here and end up staying all 4 years? I know you’re here to get your general classes out of the way then off to Morehead State you go. You’ll come to your senses and realize you are happy just where you are and Morehead is just an excuse to get back to that boy.

You know that science is your weak subject, but there are a few science classes that you are required to take. You need to try extra hard in these classes. Social life is great, but education is what you’re here for. What if I told you that your junior and senior year, you would spend A LOT of time in the library? Sounds crazy, but maybe you should start that sooner.

You might declare an education major but you know that’s not what you want to do. You’re just choosing it because you realized how much you love Alice Lloyd College. Start taking some Sociology classes though, It would be great if you realized how much you actually like school sooner.

I’m not telling you you can’t have a social life. In fact, your social life is what gets you through college. You will meet some amazing people in the next four years who will help shape the path you will take. The most amazing person you will meet though, is Jesus. I know you think you already know Him, but honestly, you just know of Him. Buckle up sweetheart, it’s going to be a bumpy but amazing ride.

There will be this boy. Meeting him will feel like something straight out of a movie. Have fun, but guard your heart. You’ll learn so much about love and life from this relationship, but don’t expect it to go far. God’s got a whole different plan for you.

I’m proud of you. For who you are and who you’re becoming. Keep your head on straight. There will be so many things that start to pull you away from who you are to become. Enjoy college, but know that it’s just another stepping stone. There’s so much more out there. This is just the beginning.


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