My Favorite Store

This one’s a difficult one. I’m a shopaholic! It really depends on what I’m looking for! So I’ll just make a list of favorite stores based on categories.

Make-up: Ulta

Loungewear (leggings, yogas, sweats): Victoria’s Secret

Dresses and Nice outfits: New York & Company

Perfume/Body Spray: Victoria’s Secret

Shoes: Journey’s Anywhere I can get moccasins!

Books: Half Priced Books, of course!

Baby Clothes: Tj Maxx!

Anythings else baby: Babies R Us

Household Items (decor): Bed Bath and Beyond

Pet Stuff: PetSmart

Groceries: Meyer

Jewelry/ Hair Accessories: Forever 21

Maternity: Motherhood Maternity

Jeans: Pac Sun or AE

I believe that probably covers it! Like I said: SHOPAHOLIC!!


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