Where in my daily life do I need to delegate?

To delegate means to entrust a task for responsibility to another person or thing. Now the question is, what would that task or responsibility be for me to delegate?

I’m literally sitting here just staring at a blinking cursor. This one’s a tough one because I’m currently a stay-at-home mom for next 9 weeks. My husband is working, so while the baby sleeps during the day I (for the most part) try to keep the household chores done. I don’t need to delegate those to him, I’d feel super lazy and worthless if I did.

My day usually consists of: nursing, blogging, reading other blogs, laundry, dishes, social media, rocking the baby, more nursing (and pumping), reading, eating and napping. I really have nothing to delegate. I do however need to make more time to spend reading my Bible. I wouldn’t really say that I’d delegate that to God to push me to do that. I guess more time spent in prayer will help boost me to do it. Typically, the word delegate means to assign something to someone. I don’t believe I’m going to assign anything to God.

My husband already when he gets home from work will take over watching the baby while I nap. So I don’t need to assign “baby watching” either.

I’m beginning to think this post is going nowhere. It’s just going in circles. So I’m going to end it here and hope that tomorrow’s will be a little better. Might edit this one if I think of anything.


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