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What are three things I would like for my next birthday as a gift?

Interesting topic.

I’ve always been the person who when asked what I wanted for my birthday my answer was always either “I don’t know” or “You don’t have to get me anything”.

For the past three years my husband has always bought me something Vera Bradley. I don’t think I’m going to choose that for one of my three things though.

Can I choose a vacation? A little get away for my little family? That’ll be my first thing: plane tickets to somewhere out west because I’ve only ever been on the east coast. We’ll say California. Yes, definitely California!

For my second gift, wow, this is difficult! I’d say a large weaving loom! I wove a blanket in high school art class and still use it to this day! I went in half on a smaller loom for the Gallery, but we’re still waiting to get it set up. I feel like I’d get a lot of use out of it and I could also sell the blankets I make on Etsy! Oh, wishful thinking.

For my third gift, I want my own library. A giant built in bookshelf that takes up an entire wall would be just fine. Our book collection is getting a little crazy due to Half Priced Books being so close to us. I’m pretty sure I’ll never pay full price for a book again. If I can’t find the book I want at Half Priced, I buy it as an E-book.

These three gifts would be perfect! If only, if only! The bookshelf wall is probably the most likely gift. Maybe when we get settled in our new home we just bought!


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