Let’s Get Organized!

In the time since I created this page I’ve also made quite a few other blogs. None of them seemed to have lifted off like this one has. I’ve made one for my journey through motherhood, a beauty blog, and I’ve tried to post on all of them simultaneously. This did not work and was very confusing! So i’m now going prodigal and coming back to this page to combined everything into one place.

A little update on where I am in life right now.

I’m now a work at home mom and LOVING it! I quit my job at AT&T and accepted a part-time position as the Childcare Coordinator at my church, Crossland Community. It’d been a little bumpy transitioning into the work from home life, but it’s been pretty great too. I get to spend my day with my precious 8 month old and I do most of my work while he’s napping. I’m trying to get a good schedule going that juggles work, housework, and playing with that little munchkin. I’m finding that organization is the key! I’ve not quite got it down yet, but it’s getting there.

The first thing I’ve got to do is to cut back on my tv time (I’m finding this to be very difficult). You see I’m a binge tv watcher. I blame this on Netflix. In the morning, I always turn the Today’s show on and watch the news. I like the mix of news, pop stuff, foodie things, etc etc that the Today’s show offers. After that I like to watch a few episodes of the chosen show at the time and right now it’s Game of Thrones. Sometimes, I don’t know how to stop. I’m learning to turn the tv off and get work done though!

The next thing is trying to keep my house clean, which I’ve still not mastered that yet either. I manage to run the dishwasher (most days), get a load or two of laundry done (maybe), but as for picking up the baby’s toys and cleaning the clutter off the end tables… well, that rarely happens. So if anyone has any tips, they are definitely welcomed!!

So to all my followers on here, hopefully you’ll be seeing more and a variety of topics. But right now, I’ve got to get back to work. Emails, emails, emails!


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