10 Things I Used to Believe when I was Younger.

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Having a brother 2 years older than me, I believed a lot of things that were untrue. I was a very gullible kid.

My favorite Youtuber, Jenna Mourey-Marbles has posted two videos on this topic and both are hilarious! So I’ve decided to post 10 Things that I believed as a small child that are very untrue.

1. I had a lot of stuffed animals but more importantly, I had a baby blanket that I could NOT sleep without. My brother told me that he heard my stuffed animals and blanket plotting to suffocate and kill me as I sleep one night. I was terrified. I cried before bedtime and then sat up for hours just watching my stuffed animals and blanket before I just couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. This went on for weeks. I later found out that this wasn’t true.

2. My babysitter told me once that hotdogs were made with earthworms. Even though I know this isn’t true now, I still won’t eat hotdogs.

3. My babysitter also used to dress me up in her life size Barbie’s clothes. I used to think that since I could wear Barbie’s clothes that meant that when I grow up I was going to BE Barbie one day.

4. I thought that the moon was following us home. More than that, I thought we were racing the moon so I’d yell to my Pap for him to go faster, we HAVE to beat the moon home.

5. Growing up in Eastern Kentucky, there was a lot of coal. I thought those tubes releasing that puffy smoke were cloud makers. I seriously thought that that was how clouds were made. So on a day where there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, I assumed that someone forgot to turn the cloud maker on.

6. Before I knew about the digestive system I used to think that you would just eventually fill up with food. Like you would store food from your feet up and when it got all the way back up to your head, you’d have to go to the hospital to have it all removed and then start over.

7. I used to think that there were Itty-bitty tiny humans that lived in traffic lights. How else would it know when to turn green, yellow, or red?

8. Since all of my grandparents photos were in black and white. I thought the world was black and white during that time. I’m still not convinced that it wasn’t.

9. Just like the tiny humans that lived in the traffic lights, there were also tiny humans that lived in the back of your tv and dressed up as the characters and acted out the shows and movies.

10. I don’t eat watermelon, and this isn’t the reason why. I just think that watermelon is gross. Anyway, I used to think that watermelon seeds were beetles that lived inside the watermelon. I would get grossed out because I would watch my brother take a bite of the watermelon and then spit out the “beetle”.

So those are just a few of the untrue things I believed as a kid.

Leave a comment with something you used to believe when you were a child. I’d love to hear some of yours!


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