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6 Reasons Why Taking a Pay Cut to Be a WAHM was the Best Decision for Me


At the beginning, I loved my job. Isn’t that how it always starts? I was there for over a year when I found out I was pregnant with our son.

My husband and I had talked about it before, that whenever we decide to have children it’d be ideal that I stayed home with them until they were all in school. When we looked at our budget on one income, it just wasn’t going to happen. We were in the middle of buying a house while I was 9 months pregnant (which really wasn’t as scary and stressful as it sounds). So it was settled, I’d be going back to work after my twelve week leave.

As any new mom going back to work, it was rough. I cried myself to sleep for weeks. Luckily, I had found the BEST babysitter for my little one. Just so happened that our new neighbor had an in-home daycare! How perfect is that?

We’re four hours away from the closest family member. So it was definitely a blessing to have moved right next door to the sweetest people ever!

This was the only hard part of leaving my job to be at home full-time, having to take him away from his babysitter on an almost daily basis. Luke loves it over there! We still go over to play occasionally.

Other than that, here are some reasons why being a WAHM was the best decision, even if we did take a pay cut.

1. I get to focus more on raising my child.

Ninety percent of the time my child is awake we are playing. The other ten percent he’s eating. When I was working, most nights I would get home at 8:30/9 o’clock and be too exhausted to even play with him. I didn’t even want to read him a book.

Now we play, we read, we learn, and it just brings me so much joy to witness all of this. If I were still working at my old job, I would have missed his first steps.

2. I can actually have a hobby or two again

I’m a very crafty person. I taught myself to knit, crochet and I also LOVE to paint! But having a full-time job AND being a full-time mom, I didn’t have time to do the things I enjoyed.

3. I’m forced to do more DIY projects

The pay cut that we took made us have to tighten our budget a little. We couldn’t afford to let me quit my job completely, but being offered this part-time, work from home job we could manage! Since we have a tighter budget I have to look more into the DIY projects I’ve always wanted to try. Instead of saving up to buy art, I now have the time to paint the art for our walls.

4. I have more time to keep my house clean

Just kidding. Ain’t no mom got time for that.

5. My relationship with my husband is better

Much better! An exhausted new mom who feels like she doesn’t have time for herself will definitely feel like she doesn’t have time for her husband.

6. I feel more like a family.

My husband is a teacher. As you known, teacher’s have evenings, weekends, and winter, summer, spring and fall breaks.

With me working retail, our schedules were never going to work out. When you work retail, you work most holidays and if you were lucky, you might be able to take a weeks vacation once a year.

Now that I’m home and my job allows me to work from my phone and a planner, we can go out of town as a family and not have to worry about requesting the time off in advance. I can do my job from just about anywhere!

My intentions of this post is not to brag about getting to stay at home with my son, but more of an encouragement to that mom who has a opportunity to stay home but is afraid of the decrease in income. Do your budget carefully, and if you can swing it GO FOR IT!

I know that this isn’t the case more many working moms. My heart goes out to you because I know how hard it is to drop your child off at daycare and cry the whole way to work. Your child(ren) will appreciate the hard work you do to support them!

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing a bad job. Being a new mom, I’ve realized that the world likes to criticize your parenting choices. Don’t let this get to you whether it’s staying home or going to work, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, babywearing, co-sleeping or whatever. You do what works for YOU and YOUR baby.


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