DIY Newborn Ornament

While I was still pregnant with Luke, I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw this idea. SO simple, yet it’s my favorite ornament on my Christmas tree right now.

Last year, right after Christmas I went to Walmart when they had all their Christmas stuff fifty percent off and I picked up a plastic clear bulb (normal price for these are only a couple dollars, so I basically got it for a steal). Of course, it went in the attic with the Christmas stuff so I had to make sure to keep up with his hospital cap and ID bracelet from February until now. SHEW!  If you know me, this wasn’t an easy task.


So literally all you have to do is open the bulb, stuff the hat and ID bracelet, close and tie some twine or ribbon on it and voila! You have the easiest, yet most precious Christmas ornament for your tree!

I’m just a little emotional over here though, I can’t believe it’s almost 10 months ago my little baby wore these. Now every year when I go to put the ornaments on the tree, I’ll get to (probably while crying) put this little gem on there.

It’s the little things that matter. This just shows that they don’t stay little for long!





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