Post-Thanksgiving/ Pre-Christmas

Well, Thanksgiving “break” is over and the husband went back to work yesterday. We had a great Thanksgiving with his parents and siblings. All siblings and spouses were there so needless to say, there was never a dull moment.

Luke LOVED it. He loves when there are a lot of people are around. Most days, it’s just me, him and the dog. On Sundays he gets to go to the nursery at church, so that’s typically his only social time.

He also go to experience the Christmas tree for the first time.


This was taken at the in-laws. It was so precious watching him enjoy it. Of course he wanted to pull all the ornaments off as they put them on.

Once we got home, we put our tree up too. He doesn’t mess with it as much as I thought he would. Of course, the bottom on the tree is pretty bare but that’s okay. I’m just happy he’s not tried to pull it down.

It’s nice to be back in our weekly routine. Three weeks until the schools let out for Christmas break. We’ll be travelling a lot. Luke is pretty good with travelling. He gets bored and tired of being in his seat, but for the most part he remains pretty content.

I can’t thank God enough for all he has blessed me with. A wonderful, hard-working husband and a happy, healthy baby boy.

Speaking of, baby boy’s awake from his nap!

Until next time!



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